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The Mud Monster

The Mud Monster is out! Our new and funny children’s books are perfect for ages 3-8.

Your kids will laugh out loud when they follow Bullwrinkle the young Shar Pei dog on his journey to find a lost ball! Plus a learning lesson about following rules is included in the story.

Humor…mystery…action…adventure! This funny children’s book will entertain your giggle monsters! Plus our story teaches traditional family values as a highlight.

Imagine you are alone in the woods searching for a lost ball, with rumors of a Mud Monster lurking in large mud holes around you.

And what about The Mud Monster himself? Is he real or created in someone’s overactive imagination?

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Bullwrinkle & Friends

Excerpts from The Mud Monster

Meet Bullwrinkle, Page 2

Bullwrinkle is a young Shar Pei with an old soul. When Bullwrinkle’s curiosity and love for adventure get the best of him, he finds himself in funny situations that teach him valuable lessons. He has a heart of gold and a large funny, expressive and mischievous personality. He’s the type of dog that all kids would love to have as a friend! 

Bullwrinkle Goes Into The Woods, Page 10

Bullwrinkle knows not to go into the woods by himself. It’s a family rule. But he says, “What could go wrong?” as he walks in anyway.

His stubborn streak and curiosity usually lead him into trouble!

Bullwrinkle Finds The Mud Hole, Page 17

But the mud is wet, and he slips and sinks deep into the mud hole! The mud is so deep that it goes over his head.

“Great Jelly Donut!” Bullwrinkle yells. It’s his favorite expression to shout. “The Mud Monster caught me!” 

Bullwrinkle Decides To Do The Right Thing, Page 25

He decides to tell his mom the truth because he knows that honesty is the best policy. Plus, he knows that telling his mom a lie will get him into more trouble!

He’ll save The Mud Monster story for another day.

Bullwrinkle's Mom Washes Him Off, Page 32

Playing in the garden hose is one of Bullwrinkle’s favorite things to do!

“Great Jelly Donut!” he shouts with joy. 

He celebrates saving the ball and defeating The Mud Monster by doing his special Happy Dance!

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