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Funny Children's Books & Family Values

Kids Love Bullwrinkle!

Bullwrinkle & Friends funny children’s books are created for early readers and bedtime stories with mom, dad or anyone!

Bullwrinkle’s books are written, illustrated and recorded with warm characters, funny story lines, and teachable moments about positive family values.

Our newest children’s book is The Mud Monster available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle and Audible! And The Diamond Detectives launches in February! 

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The Mud Monster

The Mud Monster is a children’s book for ages 4-8. Your kids will laugh out loud when they follow Bullwrinkle the young Shar Pei dog on his journey to find a lost ball! Plus a learning lesson about following rules is included in the story.

Humor…mystery…action…adventure! This funny kids book will entertain your giggle monsters! Teaching family values is a highlight.

Imagine you are alone in the woods searching for a lost ball, with rumors of a Mud Monster lurking in large mud holes around you.

In the adventurous and funny new children’s book, The Mud Monster, Bullwrinkle the young Shar Pei finds himself in a sticky situation.

And what about The Mud Monster himself? Is he real or created in someone’s overactive imagination?

But as he goes against his mother’s rules by entering the woods alone, he discovers the muddy consequences of his actions.

Your kids will howl (get it!) with laughter at Bullwrinkle’s hilarious antics to find the lost ball, while they learn the importance of following family rules.

Who will win the epic struggle with The Mud Monster and who will face the garden hose of justice? Buy your copy today!

Children's Books for 4-8 year olds

Ages 4-5 year old children love to recognize themselves in stories and to connect with circumstances they have encountered in their own lives. Managing friendships and emotions are very important.

Ages 6-7 year old children like to read more complex picture books that include silly stories and topics that are new to them. They find the magic of Bullwrinkle’s personality easy to be one of their new friends!

8 year old children enjoy reading humorous stories with magic and characters that they can easily relate to. Physical humor and character dialogue are important book features for these young readers!

Parents love Bullwrinkle’s funny stories because each one has a lesson in family values, new words to learn and laughter to share with your children. Parents like strong characters and family values.

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Children's Books with Family Values

Family Values

Family values like following rules, respect and love!


Every child is unique and Bullwrinkle accepts everyone.


Laughter helps children retain and recall knowledge longer.


Each of our books blends humor, teachable family values and love.

parents love Bullwrinkle!

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Our newest children’s book is The Mud Monster, available as a printed book, eBook, or Audiobook!


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