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A Funny Shar Pei Pup

He has a heart of gold and a large funny, expressive and mischievous personality. Kids enjoy his awkwardness in approaching most situations, because Bullwrinkle is a kid, too! He’s the type of dog that kids would love to have as a friend.


Bullwrinkle's Mom

Loving Shar Pei Mom

She is a devoted and trusting mom who tries to keep Bullwrinkle in line. Part of her job is to teach Bullwrinkle life lessons to keep him safe and out of trouble. She keeps her cool as Bullwrinkle tests the family rules. But remember…Mom is always right!



Bullwrinkle's Best Friend

Henry is Bullwrinkle’s best friend and the star baseball player at school. He is a strong, athletic, black Labrador Retriever who proudly wears his team’s baseball cap. Henry keeps Bullwrinkle and friends out of serious trouble.


Sadie "The Diamond Lady"

Bullwrinkle's Friend & Classmate

Bullwrinkle’s friend and classmate Sadie hails from the deep South. Her friends call her “Sadie the Diamond Lady” because she enjoys wearing diamond jewelry. This beautiful poodle has a ‘sweet as honey’ southern drawl, a quick wit and a sharp tongue.


The Mud Monster

Lives in Mud Holes

Slimy, stinky, and scuzzy, and always muddy! But is he real or is he a figment of Bullwrinkle’s imagination?

But no one has actually seen The Mud Monster.  Ever.


Spicy Chicken

Lives Next Door to Bullwrinkle

Spicy Chicken is a feisty hen with a lifetime of experiences. She’s old because she’s the grandmother of the chicken coop! Spicy is saucy, confident, teasing, demanding and doesn’t like to share. You could say she’s set in her ways. Oh, and she’s hysterical!


The Phenom

He's Phenomenal!

The Phenom is a dog of outstanding ability or promise. Nobody knows much about The Phenom except that he is really talented at…spreading rumors…about himself! He likes to “pop in” to situations and he wants to be friends with Bullwrinkle.



Bullwrinkle's Second Best Friend

Hudson is nervous, overly cautious, and quick to encourage Bullwrinkle to get into trouble! He’s the first to say, “I told you so!”  Hudson is a golden Newfoundland Retriever, known as the “Goofy Newfy!”


"One-Word" Gus


“One-Word” Gus speaks volumes in just one word. He has so much knowledge and he can impact any situation by just saying one word. He’s good friends with Bullwrinkle, Henry and Hudson. But you will never hear him say more than just one word!

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Children's Books for 4-8 year olds

Ages 4-5 year old children love to hear Bullwrinkle’s funny stories and see his hilarious expressions!

Ages 6-7 year old children find the magic of Bullwrinkle’s personality to be just like their own friend!

8 year old children laugh out loud while reading Bullwrinkle’s stories because they can relate to him!

Parents love Bullwrinkle’s funny stories because each one has a family lesson and laughter to share with your children!


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