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Children's Books with Real Family Values

Laughter & Learning

Our main mission is to inspire early readers and parents everywhere through imagination, laughter and the pure joy of reading. 

We write new children’s books with old fashioned story structure like strong characters, a definite plot, great illustrations, funny lines, and lessons with family values.

We have a love for children’s books offering both enjoyment and learning. Our own creativity and imagination stems from reading classic children’s books when we were young. Books like Cat in the Hat, Clifford the Big Red Dog, The Berenstain Bears and The Giving Tree.

The magical freedom that allows children to unleash their imaginations from reading a book is the most innocent and powerful force on earth.

Meet Our

Bullwrinkle & Friends Team

Jay Allen

Jay has created funny stories, voices and characters since he was a young child, much to the chagrin of his family! He is inspired by the laughter of children and the joy of making someone smile.

Bill Taylor

Bill wears his heart on his sleeve and is a good-hearted human being. If you hear loud laughter, Bill is usually stoking the fire. He actually owned the original Bullwrinkle the Shar Pei for many years! He loves audio, vintage radio stories and helping others.

Ujala Shahid

Ujala has the “it” factor for illustrating children’s books. She can take a short description of a new character or scene and illustrate the most beautiful and spot-on result! She loves spending time with her family.

Lee Prentiss

Lee’s heart is with her family and friends. She really enjoys cooking and baking and new kitchen gadgets! Let’s say that Amazon sends her a Christmas card every year! She is the official Bullwrinkle & Friends story narrator on Audible.

Ed Ford

Ed is a Renaissance Man. He is a gifted wood craftsman, technical inventor and a solid friend. Ed is a Coast Guard veteran, winemaker, storyteller (he can spin the yarn!), and kindred spirit that everyone likes.

Irene McGillicuddy

“Good night, Irene!” Irene works behind the scenes with us to oversee our customer service. She is a staunch childhood literacy advocate and believes that all children should have many books to read.

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