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Children's Books with Family Values

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Core Family Values!

Bullwrinkle & Friends creates funny children’s books that feature family core values like following family rules and trust.

Kids love to use their imagination to create things that don’t exist, and the 4-8 year olds love Bullwrinkle, his funny stories and the way he learns about core family values!

Life Lessons Like Obeying Rules for Safety 100%
Core Family Values Like Love & Sharing 100%
Our BOoks Have a Laughter Factor that is off the charts! 100%
Traditional Family Values in current storylines 100%

Bullwrinkle Says "Start Now!"

Early Learning FAQs

Each of our early-learning children’s stories include life lessons like following family rules, sharing with others, acceptance of all people, telling the truth, treating all with kindness, showing compassion in situations with others, and don’t give up on your goals should you stumble.

We create children’s books for the 4-8 year olds. This is the perfect age for young readers to pick up the habit of reading, enjoying books and learning important life lessons. Our books make great bed time stories and discussion sessions!

We create our Bullwrinkle & Friends children’s books in paperback, ePubs and Audible formats. All families and their children enjoy reading and teaching lessons on different formats, so we do them all! You’ll learn that Bullwrinkle is not picky at all!

We get this question often. The best time to have a discussion with your young reader is while you are reading the story to them or helping them read the story aloud. You can ask your child questions about their thoughts on funny lines, characters that test their family values or what they think will happen in the story. Your kids will learn quickly that each action carries a consequence, wanted or unwanted!

Bullwrinkle's Best

Early Learning Lessons

Be Creative & Let Your Imagination Fly!

Imagination is a much-needed joy of early childhood. Your children use their imagination to change the world around them! Make-believe play is critical for the development of your healthy child. It helps your child develop creativity and critical problem-solving skills. You’ll see that Bullwrinkle goes through this exact scenario in his book, The Mud Monster, and his upcoming books The Diamond Detective and Fort Popcorn, out in 2024!

Teach Your Children to Laugh!

Laughter is an easily-learned and reinforced development skill for your children. Our children’s books help you set the stage for a lifetime of laughter and learning! Giggles. Chuckles. And outright Gaffaws! Children will learn to use laughter to help them grow in most aspects of their lives. Our kids aren’t born with a sense of humor, so we have to help them develop what is funny to them. And helping your child find humor in the funny things they do gives them unlimited positive physical and mental development opportunities.

Read To Your Kids Everyday!

Read and read to your child. They find the oddest things funny! And their laugh is both addictive and contagious. Reading books to your children expose them to new words and ways of using our language. Plus reading to your kids helps them prepare for school by learning new things from the books. And books help your child learn empathy, reenforce family values and learn how to handle challenging feelings. As your kids grow, reading books will lead to a lifetime of experiencing the joy of escaping into a book.


Our newest children’s book is The Mud Monster, available as a printed book, eBook, or Audiobook!


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